Visit Blue Harbour Gallery

When you walk into Malcolm Bowmer’s Gallery on the Harbour Front in St. Ives in Cornwall, what strikes you immediately are the pure vibrant blues.

No surprise then that his gallery is called the ‘Blue Harbour Gallery’.

Many of his paintings and prints are of the Harbour area in St. Ives, which is famous for the quality of light, attracting many artists from all over the world. When asked what bought him to West Cornwall he replies:-

"I first came to Cornwall on a Lambretta scooter from Nottingham!      I can still remember my first glimpse of St. Ives between the Coastguard Cottages - I nearly fell off my scooter.  I couldn’t believe the sea was so blue!

South West Cornwall is full of pure Mediterranean colours, and I believe the secret lies in the white sandy beaches. Places like St. Ives have beaches which are largely fine broken shells that sparkle in the sunlight and makes the sand look and feel like soft white flour.

The sun reflects this white sand and seen through the filter of the clear blue Atlantic ocean you see beautiful bands of turquoise - and that is what I am trying to capture in paint. Those white sandbars just beneath the surface, that azure graduated tint between land and ocean is what makes Cornwall so special for me"

I hope customers see this in my work and want to take home a piece of Cornwall.