About Malcolm

two-piers-webOne of the statements below is a load of old tosh – see if you can spot it !

Malcolm Bowmer was born in the heart of sunny Sherwood Forest near Nottingham.

His first job was in the coal mines where he painted many underground scenes. (He used an awful lot of black paint in those days).

Then he became a professional drummer in a 60’s rock band, where he painted in between being relentlessly pursued by ‘Groupies’.

Next, he went ‘straight’, working in the Nottingham Lace Industry as a Personnel Manager.

He then moved to London, recruiting for the Playboy Organisation’s Headquarters in Park Lane, interviewing Playboy Bunny Girls. He had to leave there because of the money – it was only £100 per week but he couldn’t afford to pay any more at the time.

Over 30 years ago he moved to St Ives in Cornwall to paint, opening his own Gallery on the St Ives Harbour front. A piece of his work was commissioned for, and presented to Diana, Princess of Wales.

Malcolm also designed and sculpted his own giftware range – Eggbert, which went on to sell over 3 Million pieces worldwide.

Recently, thanks to the latest Giclee print technology, he has had many of his paintings published in low Limited Editions, combining the stunning blues of the Atlantic ocean with Cornwall’s white beaches.